SG17 Stun Gun 800 TYPE

Stun Gun LED Flashlight 2 in 1 – 800 TYPE

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Product Description

Stun Gun Taser LED Flashlight 2 in 1 – 800 TYPE

This small electric shocker is great for personal protection and quick use when needed. A 2-in-1 multifunctional stun gun with a flashlight with a powerful electric current of 20,000 kV, 800 TYPE. Body material – rubberized plastic. Non-slip, comfortable holding in the hand.
Its advantages are, above all, compactness, strong power.
The model is universal. It is equally suitable for men and women, therefore it is better.
Charge the taser for 3–4 hours before use (do not check the device while charging. This may cause damage!)
Keep the stun gun out of the reach of children. Always check if there is enough battery power. If the charge is not enough, please charge it in a timely manner in order to maintain the best results.

Technical details:

Output voltage: 2 million volts
Lamp life: 20,000 hours.
Dimensions: 105 x 55 x 25 mm
Weight: about 170 g