Full HD 1080P Spy Pen Camera Camcorder

  • 1080P FHD Video Resolution: Just press the top button once the device automatically boots up and starts recording the video into 32GB memory built-in digital video recorder and our battery powered pen camcorder records 1080P color HD video at 30FPS, in full high definition with still shot functionality and crystal clear video!
  • Built-in 400mAh battery provides the longest recording time among all video pen cameras. it record up to 2 hours per single battery charge, It’s a perfect portable video recorder for conference,travel,letcture and investigation or evidence collection.
  • Easy To Use: It is ready to go out of the box without any complicated setup or configuration. and allows you to place it wherever you need it for easy covert surveillance. Just power on the camera and ready to record.Play back videos on your PC or Mac computer.
  • No Additional Software Request & Free 32GB Internal Memory: this camera pen is both PC and Mac Compatible. Date and Time stamps can be added as reference points on any recordings or images, so organizing your data is breeze. Our mini camcorder is made adhering to the highest manufacturing standards with a FREE 16GB internal memory included
  • Premium Pen Design: Tired of cheap camera gadgets? Our pocket camera is designed as a high quality, everyday pen with undetectable lens and includes 3 refills,USB cable and long lasting rechargeable battery for up to 120 minutes recording!
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Product Description

A Powerful Pocket DVR for Business and Conference,Education,Life and Media

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It is a real working pen with 1080P FHD at 30 frame per seconds video recording capabilities.A sliding clip allows the true nature of this pen to be concealed at a moment’s notice. this is the easiest to use hidden camera pen camcorder available, with one touch of a button it powers on, boots up, and begins recording.The laser etched glass lens allows maximum light to enter the tiny unnoticeable pinhole camera to produce an extremely clear a vivid picture. this quality pen camera is truly remarkable with two varieties of modes like video recording and still photos camera to snap clear detailed images.This high-tech camera pen contains built-in 32GB memory for store up to 2 hours videos.

The Most Powerful Features:

No Flashing LED – The LED indicator is located conveniently on the back of the pen and will only flash dimly 2 times to indicate recording has started.

One Button Operation – Simple and easy, to record just press one button to start.

FHD Video Recording – Capture brilliant 1080p FHD video to save into internal 32GB memory.

Date & Time Stamp – Video has an imbedded Date & Time stamp overlay in the corner of the video. This feature can be easily turned on or off

Fully Functioning Pen – Not only a state-of-the-art hidden camera gadget, it is a fully functional pen with replaceable refill inks.

2 HR Batt. Life – Built in Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for over 120 min per single battery charge.

The Most Powerful Features You Need to Know!

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Additional Features for Digital Video Recorder

Pinhole Camera: This pen camcorder has a HD pinhole camera that is as high quality as it is inconspicuous. Avoid any detection with the tiny lens. Other video pens may also have FHD video sensors, but often take several seconds to adjust from a low light setting to a well-lit one, making your video washed-out and unusable. this hidden camera pen compensates for this with state-of-the-art technology.

Date & Time Stamp: Date and time are optionally displayed in the corner of your video for your personal reference. This feature comes in handy if the video is needed for discovery or presented as legal evidence.

Take Photographs: Take digital photographs instantly with a touch of a button, anytime you need to, the photo resolution of this pen camera is JPG 4032×3024

Four Ways to Hide Your Mini Camera Pen Recorder

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Suggested Use

Candid Capture – Record your subject in its natural settings without revealing that they are on camera.

Getting Harassed? – If you are being harassed by your neighbors, co-workers, family, or others, nothing is better than this pen to prove your case.

Job Interviews – Record your interview from either side for later review to improve your interviewing skills.

Watch over your kids. – Kids can be camera shy when they know they are being recorded, record them naturally to capture precious moments of goofiness and joy

Delivery Proof – If you deliver goods or food for a living it’s a sure way to prevent discrepancy by recording every delivery.

Customer Support Issues –While dealing with customers in any sort of business, sometimes customer can become angry or abusive and put your word against theirs. Keep this pen in your pocket and tap the button anytime there is an issue to protect your rights and job.