Columbia USA 1368A Knife

Knife army hunting tactical Columbia USA Spetsnaz 1368a + plastic case

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Product Description

f you are a hunter, fisherman or just a lover of outdoor activities, then this knife is for you

A special field knife with a clip point (bowie) blade has straight, wide slopes. In the traditional form, the knife handle is made of anti-slip material when working with a knife with gloves. The knife itself is made of a single piece of stainless steel, providing the knife with high strength under ultra-high loads on the blade, fits comfortably in the hand, providing clear correct movements of the knife blade. The knife will easily cope with cutting the medium bones of game when cutting after hunting. If necessary, the blade can withstand the full load of a person of average build. The knife can be used comfortably for long-term work during hunting. A high-quality black case has been made specially for the knife. The whole set is a whole minimum set for use in the field.

It is not a melee weapon and is not an item prohibited for sale on the territory of Ukraine.

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    Fixed blade
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    Hunting / Fishing / Tourism / Exploration